Friday, October 2, 2009

The Weekly Update!

Yesterday I was 37 weeks! Everything looked great at my appointment on Thursday! I am measuring at 36 weeks... So just about right on target :) My Midwife said, "OK, you are safe to have this baby anytime now!"~ Which I have learned after 3 pregnancies, NOT to get my hopes up about going earlier than my due date! (However, MAN would it be NICE!!!)

The Kids and I made a Paper Chain for the baby today! (Number of days left until my due date)... They had so much fun putting it together and taping it all by themselves. Samuel can't WAIT to wake up tomorrow and take off the first chain link!

The other day, Samuel completely surprised me by saying, "MOMMY! I can write my whole name!!"~ Now let me back up a little... I have been going over the letters of the alphabet with him, and focusing on the "S" in his name... But I have NEVER had him write down his whole name for me without help. I turn around and see him holding up his name PERFECTLY written!! I was AMAZED and SO PROUD OF HIM!!!!

I have had wonderful luck with my flowers this year... But they are quickly fading with this colder weather sneaking in... I wanted to take one last picture of the remaining colors left in my back yard! Serenity did a wonderful job posing in front of them even though it was just a little sunny for her :)

This is another one of my flowers (and my most favorite kind!!) I will miss the beautiful colors of summer... but I am obviously thrilled it is now officially FALL!!


Grammie said...

Both Dad and I LOVED this new update! Great pictures and great stories! Love you all~Mom/Grammie :)

Jenelle said...

renny looks wat too cute by the flowers!!!