Friday, October 9, 2009

Random Ramblings at 1am

So... It's Snowing. SNOWING! Wow. I am both amused and annoyed. It is actually quite beautiful right now as I am watching it come down... It is also almost 1:30 in the morning- I can't sleep. I decided after laying in bed for almost 2 hours, I would get up, eat a strawberry fruit roll up and a bowl of kix. (Am I pregnant or what?!) I have no idea why I am awake... Usually I am so dead tired... I didn't even have any caffeine! Why can't I go into labor NOW?...

I went to the doctor on Thursday... Once again, everything looks great. Happy baby, Good heart rate, Measuring fine, slightly dilated (which you know means nothing) :), no weight gain this week (yes!), and that's pretty much all there is to report!

After my Thursday doctor's appointments we all go as a family to the humane society (since it is down the road from there)... We figure if we can't get a dog right now, we might as well play with ones we can! There were a few puppies there this time~ absolutely ADORABLE little black lab mixes. We took a little one into a room to play with her, and Samuel decided he would rather have a puppy than a baby... Jordan and I in almost unison said, "Um, it doesn't work that way buddy!"... So Samuel goes ON to say~ , "OK... Mommy, you could train the baby, and DADDY could train the new puppy!!!!!"... (laughing pretty hard at this point, I agreed that would be a fabulous idea if daddy stayed home with mommy all day!)... ahh, the things my children say to make me smile!

I can't sit for longer than about 4 minutes before I am in intense pain, so throughout this blog entry I have sat... stood...sat... ate some more kix... stood, sat... you get the idea. I think I am on bowl 3 of the kix (I'm pretty sure I will be gaining weight this week! HA! Oh well...)

So I already told you I crave weird things... but did I tell you I not only crave soap, I'm literally addicted to soap. I actually have a bar of white dial soap under my pillow... when I can't sleep, I smell the soap (yes, I am thinking of getting some therapy for that~ but hey, could be worse, right? And could be more expensive too! Good thing plain old dial soap is only about 2 bucks for like four bars!)...

I am still trying to picture my life with three kids... it is getting easier and easier... but the reality of it hasn't totally sunk in- I'm waiting to hold her for that to happen! I SWORE I would have at least four kids... well, more so an even number, but I always knew I couldn't do just two, and Jordan always felt that way also... however, after the pain of this pregnancy... I think adoption is a pretty good option from here on out! :) Only time will tell, and I'm not about to make any stupid/rash decisions being nine months pregnant! :)

I hate fruit flies. Fruit flies and Ants- two creatures I think should be BANNED from this earth. I am staring at a little fruit fly that keeps coming to say hello~ I keep telling him to go away, that all I have here is a bowl of kix! He is not listening to me (are fruit flies he's or she's?)...

Tomorrow morning Samuel will wake up at precisely 6:55am. He will sneak into our bedroom, come to my side of the bed, tap me until I respond to him and ask me very politely if he can watch cartoons and have breakfast... I will then turn and attempt to wake Jordan up (which takes about 5 really HARD taps), which he will try to convince Samuel it is still the "Middle of the Night" and to "Go back to Bed" (which Samuel never buys and never does), So, we will continue the tapping until Jordan is coherent enough to jump up, turn the cartoons on, get some cereal, and crawl back into bed... by at which point, Serenity has made her way into our room, sandwiched between us, pushing both Jordan and I to opposite sides of the bed clinging to the side not to fall off. I keep reminding her that this WILL change very soon! (She isn't too excited about that... But, I want to enjoy those sweet, (uncomfortable), moments as long as I can with her...) :)

Now that it is 1:54am... My stomach is full and I am about out of random things to write about at the moment, I think I will resort back to my bed. And hopefully not lay there for another hour! We shall see...

Did I mention it is October... and it is SNOWING???!!!.... WOW.


Kristin said...

Now THAT'S blogging! :)

PS I ate three bowls of cereal the other day. Erik was shocked. He thinks I'm weird. I think Bubba just likes cereal. :)

PPS Really? Soap? Wow.

PPPS Snow in October. We got it too. Stupid.

PPPPS You're gonna have three kids! Ah!

PPPPPS How come we add more "Ps" but not more "Ss"? What does it even freaking STAND for?!

PPPPPPS I'm done. Just FYI.

Andrea said...

Hello Dear frined I love your blog!!! I want to take your eldest children from you some night soon! Maybe tomorrow night??? Let me know, love you soooo much and can't wait to see the little blessing again!