Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Life at Home!

I am sitting here trying to figure out all the things to tell you! But really, as I look down at Katelyn, snuggled in a little wrap around me, I just want to tell you how happy I am... As I rock her back and forth and watch her sleeping peacefully, All is right in my world...

She is doing beautifully at home... Getting the hang of her nights vs. days... Of course we are sleep deprived, and some sort of "drama" is always happening between Samuel and Serenity... But over-all, we are all adjusting to life at home really well! (We are excited for Grandma Doris to come tomorrow and help out though ;) )

Yesterday we had her first doctor's appointment! The nurse practitioner said she looked WONDERFUL! Almost back to her birth weight (6lbs, 4 ounces) and a champion eater! They measured her twice and she was only 19 inches... so either she shrunk, or they got it wrong at the hospital :) She was so precious all bundled up for her car ride!

Yesterday morning also was the first time my dad got to see Katelyn IN PERSON! It was SO wonderful for my dad to FINALLY meet her! He left for a business trip the Thursday afternoon before I had her and came home Monday night late. (Just missed it!) (Thankfully mom stayed home and got to meet her right away and keep Samuel and Serenity while we were in the hospital!) This is my parent's 7th grandchild and 4th grandaughter! We were also able to get some really great family pictures taken as well!

I guess that is all for now! I am going to check on Samuel and Serenity who are SUPPOSED to be sleeping... Change and feed Katelyn, then maybe finally get a shower in ;) LOVE being a mommy!!!!!! :)


The Charlebois said...

So sweet! I love the one of the three of them with their T-shirts on. And of course, Beth, you don't even look like you just had a baby! You are my!
You guys are such a blessed and beautiful family!

Grammie said...

What a beautiful update, Beth! You are an amazing Mommie to three children already! Katelyn is already bringing so much love and joy to your life and your home! Love You! Mom

The Smith Clan said...

Aww... Thanks Audra! :) That just made my day!! :)

Thanks mom~ I learned from the BEST ;) Love you!!