Monday, October 19, 2009

Still Waiting.............

Last night before the Bears game we all got our "Bears gear" on and decided to take some pictures! I always loved the picture that was taken when I was pregnant with Serenity... So, I wanted to try and re-capture another one of our family with me pregnant again! :) I think they turned out super cute! Thanks to my wonderful neighbor for taking the pictures for us! :) (Now, just wish the Bears would have WON last night!!... oh well...)

(Here is the one taken in 2007...)

(And here are the ones from last night!...)

Well... I am over 39 weeks and as you can imagine, SO BEYOND READY to have this baby!!!! The waiting is unbearable at times... So, I'm just trying to survive this last week! I would love to see this baby make an appearance before her due date... But since there are only 5 days left... I'm thinking that may not happen :) In the mean time, I will continue cleaning every corner of my house, finish loads of laundry that are probably not that dirty..., make fall projects with the kids, and try not to go CrAzY! :)


Corey said...

Are you SURE your Nine Months Pregnant? Your belly sure isn't get that big :)

I'll be praying for your delivery!! Look forward to meeting this new little Smith!!

Grammie said...

You asked a couple days you think I'll go late?? And Mom said, no! And I was right! Katelyn is BEAUTIFUL and all our prayers were answered with a quick and easy delivery and perfectly healthy baby daughter!!! Praise God!!! Welcome to the world of a family of 5! We love you all! Mom