Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mirror Mirror on the Wall... and the Washing Machine

Last night Jordan put Katelyn in front of our mirror and she immediately started smiling. It was ADORABLE. I ran down stairs and grabbed the camera... But of course I missed when she was smiling really big! But it was still so cute I had to share! (If you make it to the end she starts cooing at herself... It's my favorite part) :)

And THIS is what S & S were doing while we were video taping!.... We discovered it later that night when we wanted to dry some sheets... (They put TONS of their toys in there)... (Note to self, don't leave a 2 & 4 year old un-attended too long!!!) :)


Corey said...

OMGOSH!!!!!!! I wonder what made them think to put their toys in such an out of the ordinary place? Just make sure to check it before you turn it on from now on!! My Mom's cat jumped into her dryer,she turned it on, and she didn't know it until it was Way too late, poor Kittys in Heaven now (thats a sad, but true story)! Tell S&S they brought a smile to my face :)

Emily said...

hahaha! those toys in the dryer are awesome :)

Jenelle said...

lol, well at l did do least they did not do what i use to do. it was a punishment for my baby dolls when they were naughty. at least till my mom caught me.