Saturday, December 12, 2009

7 weeks!

It's hard to believe Katelyn turned 7 weeks old last Thursday! However, it also feels like she has been with us forever... She is getting more & more personality every day! She will coo and "talk" to us, and she gives me HUGE smiles (However I can never seem to catch it on the video camera!)

Samuel and Serenity have been playing SO well together~ They are just the best of buddies. Yesterday they were playing "Hair Cuts"... luckily all my scissors are put FAR away from their reach! :) But here are a few pictures of them playing~

I have been trying to do more crafts with the kids... So here are a few we finished the other day. I think they turned out so cute!

This morning we woke up to BEAUTIFUL snow covering the ground... We had snow before, but this new, fresh snow is just gorgeous! Last night Jordan and I and the kids went with my parents to look at Christmas lights! Jordan mapped all the houses out, and we were able to see some AWESOME houses! We put the kids in pj's, brought snacks in the car, turned on Christmas music and had a wonderful time! All three kids were fast asleep by the time we turned into our house before 9:00pm. What fun memories we are creating!

Today I am going to get some more wrapping done, maybe make some Christmas cards with the kids, and just enjoy the day! It is easy to "Dread Mondays"... But I am CHOOSING to have a WORRY-FREE day, and INSTEAD, focus on all my blessings! Here is another video of Katelyn all dressed up for church... She would NOT give me big smiles, but she is still so darn cute, I had to share again!


Grandma Hoyt said...

What a cutie!! We are thankful for the tecnology that allows us to see her and the stages she is going precious to be able to be a part of her life in this way....and, of course of Samuel and Serenity's "happenings?"

Corey said...

Good for you Beth, being "stuck" in your house doesn't HAVE to be dreadful! I know, since I too am "Stuck" in mine daily too,LOL! Its just learning to be content with your own surroundings. Your crafts that you did w/ the kids looked like a lot of fun.