Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pregnancy and Life Stuff...

As of yesterday I am now 33 weeks pregnant! I can hardly believe it! Only 7 weeks to go!... wow. Some days I am MORE than ready to have her~ mostly due to the bodily pain she inflicts on me ;)... But other days I think, "AHH! I'm not ready!!!"... Ready in the sense of a tiny newborn again~ Serenity is fully potty-trained, in a "big-girl" bed, puts her own shoes on, etc, etc... And the thought of starting it all over again makes me just a tad bit tired. :) BUT I am SO grateful to have two kids that are very independent! It is wonderful to know we won't have TWO in diapers, etc! I also love the fact that Samuel and Serenity play SO well together... It will be nice they can keep eachother occupied while I am busy with the new baby.
As for the physical part of "getting ready for baby", we have been "ready" for awhile now... Clothes ready, Crib ready, Car Seats ready. I keep trying to picture myself with THREE kids! (It's hard!) I do feel like this one will have just a slight advantage being the 3rd... Since her mommy was the 3rd baby too! I have always had a soft spot for Third-Born's... Always will. :) Whenever those "ALL-KNOWING" mom's say that "OH, the third will put you over the edge... The third is SO hard... The third throws everything off balance..." I kindly look at them and straighten my shoulders and remind them I was the third and God made me strong-willed for a reason. :)

Let's see... CRAVINGS... I have had such WEIRD, RANDOM, Cravings! Not even really food wise! I HAVE to have crushed ice (Yes, I did find out this means you are anemic... which turns out I am... I got tested last week and my levels are super low, so I get to take a wonderful iron and pre-natal pill that cause other problems to deal with!).... But I don't think it will change the fact I will STILL want crushed ice every day, multiple times a day! I also LOVE soap right now. I know. I know. Not just any soap but bars of Dial Soap- the white and gold kind. I can't tell you how many bars of soap I have bought during this pregnancy. Any chance I can get to wash my hands I do! LOL. Also, I HAVE to have a warm bath every day- sometimes twice a day! I realized that as long as I can have my bath, with my dial soap and crushed ice, I can get through the day. (Ahh, the simplicities of life!)

Things that make me more than ready to NOT be pregnant anymore ;)~ Sciatic Nerve pain~ causing me to visit the chiropractor and physical therapist on a regular basis. Heartburn- Wow, the heartburn! (I hope this means she will come out with hair on her head!!) EXHAUSTED- TIRED- FATIGUED- DID I MENTION EXHAUSTED... (Oh yeah, that doesn't really go away for 2 years, does it... lol.) Not being able to turn over in bed without shooting pain coursing through my body... yep, I'm ready for that to be over :)

IN ALL SERIOUSNESS.... I have to be honest, I have such a fear that everything will be okay. All around me I hear about still-births, complications, SIDS, etc... It almost paralyzes me with fear... I keep thinking Three is pushing it... I already have two healthy kids, why would God allow me to have a third? (Mind you, I was also like this the whole pregnancy and MONTHS after Serenity was born. I had Serenity sleep right next to me for weeks and months after she was born so I could just hear her breathe.) I have to once again tell myself, "YOU WERE THE THIRD!! AND YOU WERE JUST FINE!!) I just think it is so easy to start hearing about "This family's situation, or this story, or I heard about so & so"... When I just need to keep praying every day for this little blessing God has given us, and TRUST Him that it will all be okay. (It's that lack of trust thing again!)... I really am so thankful for my children. Every day I look at them and thank God over and over for the JOY they bring to me every day. I really feel that I was BORN to be a mommy. (As hard and tough as it is, there is NOTHING more rewarding!) So, this said, I'm going to post this, and go play with my little blessings! Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Holiday weekend!


jerarbw said...

My #3 (which is kinda my #2 after having twins) is the easiest going baby (now one!) and a joy! You'll do great with three kids! Hope you enjoy these next few weeks of pregnancy and time with your two!

Kristin said...

I have this wonderful apricot Dove soap in my shower right now....LOVE IT. :) Glad I'm not the only crazy soap lover. Can't wait to meet her!!!! Betcha she loves soap!

The Charlebois said...

Beth, first of all, you look AMAZING. And don't worry, girl, we all have those worries. None of us are promised even one healthy child, or even one next breath. But we walk by faith, not by sight. Not necessarily faith that nothing will ever go wrong, but faith that God is good and He's in control.
I'm jealous that your #3 is almost here! And we really should try to get together before you are too busy!

penny said...

Beth, Dont forget who YOUR GOD is!! This baby will be born healthy, and God will and IS protecting it.. Let go of that fear! Praying for ya!
You look great!
p.s. I need to send you some pics of my BIG belly!

penny said...

Didnt mean to call the baby "it" I mean "her" :)