Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Farm!

So once again it has been awhile since I have updated this! (Does ANYONE read this anyway?) :)... Well, here is what we have been up to... We went to Iowa the beginning of August for my cousin's wedding. Erik and Kristin were able to make a trip there too, so we were able to have all the (Lindeen-Hickle-Smith) family together! We had a GREAT time! We stayed at the Cutty's Resort (That I grew up going to as a kid) in Des Moines, IA and spent 2 nights there~ Swimming, Minni-golf, and just hanging out! Then we headed to the farm to spend a day there! It is always so fun for the kids to spend time on the farm, and I LOVE that they can experience this like I did growing up! Here are some pictures from the farm! (I didn't get many from Cutty's!) Thanks Great Grandpa for showing us ALL your gardens! We LOVED it!!!

Picking Apples!! We had so much fun driving around in Great Grandpa's "Golf Cart" and seeing all of the gardens and fruit trees he has! The kids were able to pick to their heart's content... They had a BLAST!!

We love you Great Grandma and Grandpa! (And of course Cheryl and the cousins too!!) :) Thanks for letting us stay and explore the farm!


Emily said...

adorable pics. sooo many great memories on that farm :)

Pamela said...

Hey, I miss you!!! You need to hook up your skype so we can talk!!

Grandma Hoyt said...

You got some good pictures! Glad you are sharing them. It was fun having you here - hope you can do it again soon....bring the new baby??

eriklindeen said...

Although it was CRAZY HOT and HUMID- it was a lot of fun being all together. Maybe we could do it sometime here is Colorado! :)

eriklindeen said...

Here IN Colorado

Grammie said...

That was a great trip to the farm and to Cutty's and Seth and Laura's wedding.
SO good to all be together again!
These are GREAT pictures!
I'm so glad you had a day to yourselves with Great Grandma and Grandpa! You are making wonderful memories for your children! The heritage they have will be remembered because you go and take them to the Century Farm!