Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What we have been up to!

I thought I should probably update you on what we have been up to! For the 4th of July Jordan and I and the kids flew to Indiana to spend time with his family and friends~ it was a great trip! (Here are some pictures)


This past Monday and Tuesday My brother Erik and sister-in-law Kristin SURPRISED us and flew into town! It was GREAT to spend a couple days with them~ Pictures to follow later :)

I am currently almost 26 weeks pregnant! I CAN'T believe I have only a few months left!! I am feeling better- which helps a lot! Just the "normal" pregnancy stuff- TIRED all the time, body aches and pains, and feeling limited in normal daily activities :) I have also decided this baby moves ALL the time... more than Samuel and Serenity ever did... hmmmmm... What does THAT mean!!?? LOL.

Other than that... I am enjoying every single SECOND of summer and WARM weather!! I have decided Summer is my favorite Season right now... I love fall, but I have truly enjoyed this summer so much- We still have 2 months left of it... right?!! :) Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday! More pictures to come!


jerarbw said...

Your little #3 is already anxious to keep up with Sam and Serenity! Glad you are feeling "better". :) Amanda

Corey said...

Loved lookin at your family pics! Isn't Cracker Barrel just the BEST EVER?!?!? Man, I miss that place, too bad the closest one to us is way down in Burnsville :(