Saturday, July 25, 2009

~A few updates on The Smith Clan~

*Samuel had his last soccer game this past Monday- He had a GREAT season! Scored a ton of goals and was one of the fastest on his team! He received a little trophy for participating and it is now his "prized possession"! I have to say I LOVED watching my son play soccer this summer! (I'm hoping he will want to sign up again next year!!) =)

*Serenity is going on day 5 of wearing "big girl underpants"! She is doing GREAT!! We have only had one accident so far! She has been staying dry during all her naps and last night she stayed dry all night. This has been by far the easiest potty training yet! (God knows I needed this being 6 months pregnant!) ;)

*As for the new baby... I put up the crib (by myself! GO ME!) and washed all of the newborn girl outfits. The kids have had so much fun helping me put them away and talking about "when she gets here..." Serenity is officially out of her toddler bed and LOVES sleeping on the bottom bunk bed- So we are slowly getting ready for another addition to our family.

We need to change the name above the crib :)

Baby girl's bed!

Serenity's NEW quilt!

Samuel's sport bedding!

The kid's room!! (We are thankful for big rooms in this SLOW economy) :)

Last night Jordan thought it would be fun to have a "family baseball game"~ it was the perfect summer night and we picked up some fried chicken and headed to a nearby park... What a perfect night it turned out to be! We all took turns hitting the ball and running the bases (even me!) I think Samuel will be talking about this "family baseball game" for quite some time!

Pregnant ME~ I can start to feel the affects of entering into the
3rd and final trimester... My brain wants to do so much more than my body will allow me to... Which can be frustrating at times but I need to try and remember to listen to what it is telling me!! (SLOW DOWN!!!) I think my tummy DOUBLED in size this last month- I really look pregnant now! (people are actually asking when I am due! :)). I definitely FEEL pregnant (course when did I not?!)=) I have been in the purging and "getting rid of things" mode... Re-organizing closets, making things more logical for another baby to enter our home. It has been rewarding, yet very hard on my sore body! (again, I need to listen, I know) Over-all I can't complain much... It has been a pretty good pregnancy and I'm in no rush for this final trimester to be over! (Maybe just ready for the aches and pains to be gone!)

27 weeks and 2 days pregnant!

More family updates to come! Hope you all are having a very blessed weekend!!


The Charlebois said...

Way to go Serenity! Rae is wearing big girl undies at home, but I dare not out in public or overnight!!!

The Smith Clan said...

Good for Rae!! Audra- Let's plan a play date soon!! :)

Grandma Hoyt said...

Looking forward to seeing all of you next week!