Friday, June 12, 2009

~Movie Night~

One of my favorite moments being a mom is having nights like tonight... When Samuel asks~ "Daddy? Can we have a movie night?!!"... Then Jordan saying, ask mommy!... Samuel running up to me~ "Mommy!! Can we have a movie night?!!" (of course I say yes) :) Then, as a family, we all walk to the store, let the kids pick out a fun, kids movie... We come home, get blankets and pillows and spread them out over the floor. They anxiously wait while daddy gets the movie ready and I pop the popcorn. Some nights (like tonight) are EXTRA special when they get little skittles or m&m's in their bowl! Tonight we watched "Balto"- they loved it. Of course it's not about how great the movie is, or what kind of "surprise candy" they get, it's about all the wonderful memories we are making right now. I hope and pray Samuel and Serenity will ALWAYS remember these nights... And someday, they will be able to share with their kids "family movie nights"! The night also had a perfect ending... Our city has it's "Friendly City Days", and we were able to set out chairs in our backyard and watch fireworks! Serenity was already asleep, but the noise woke Samuel up- so the three of us snuggled up under blankets and had an incredible firework show right in our backyard! It's gonna be a great summer.

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