Monday, August 1, 2011


OK, it has been FAR too long- I never seem to find the time to blog... and that just has to change!  This summer has seriously FLOWN by! I can't believe it is AUGUST already???!!! WOW! Some highlights of our summer so far~

*Finding out we are having a BOY!!! YAY! We are soooo excited!! (Still deciding on a name!)

*Traveling/Family visiting~ We have had LOTS of family time this summer! Us visiting family and family visiting us!

*Twins games, backyard theater, Parks, DQ trips, playing outside!

*Getting my school room in order~ This has been SO much fun for me!  The family "classroom" is coming along great! I can't wait to start our "fall schedule" (or at least attempt to keep one with a newborn!) ;-)

*Decorating the baby's room!~ How fun it has been to decorate for a baby BOY after two precious GIRLS!  Blues, Greens, Browns! I have loved pulling out Samuel's little newborn outfits and reminiscing after all these years!

*Water Fun~ LOVE being in the water. The beach. Pool. Splash Pads. Kiddie Pools ;-)... It has been SO hot and water fun is JUST what our family has needed!

Those are our highlights so far! We have one more family vacation/family wedding in August, one more wedding in September, and then life will settle down a little... For a few weeks before a new addition to our family arrives! ;-)  I can't wait to hold that little bundle in my arms.  There is NOTHING like breathing in that sweet newborn smell. (more about my excitement in a later blog) :) 

Hope everyone is having an AMAZING summer!  Hoping to blog more in the future!  Homeschooling, babies, parenting, marriage, church, ministry, LIFE... SO many thoughts that float through my head all day long. Must. Write. Them. Down! :-)

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