Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's been awhile...

(I almost giggle every time I go back and read past-posts... How much things CHANGE from month to month, especially THIS year!)... Since I wrote this last post... We moved, started home-schooling and are learning this new groove of LIFE!...  PS. My goal is to write more this year... with keeping in mind I DO have a 6, 3, and 1 year old... ;-)

My little buddy started school this year! Samuel attends morning kindergarten (early!) we have to leave our house by 7:30am and he is in his classroom by 7:40am.... But I love that he is home by 10:20am every day.  I really struggled with the best decision for him, and our family at this time... Should we homeschool? Should we wait a year before we start true, structured school? Should we put him in public school? Find an affordable private school? There were/are SO many options, and I worried we would make the "wrong" one... We finally decided to make the best decision for right now, and take one month at a time. We have a perfect little school three minutes from us that is all kindergarten students... we are able to drive Samuel every day to and from his class, and knowing he is so close to home has been GREAT!  I am thrilled at how much he is learning every day.  He comes home singing, talking and explaining all the new things he has learned.  This was definitely the BEST decision for us right now!

Serenity has started ballet every Friday.  She is too cute in her little pink leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers :) With mommy being a gymnast and not a ballerina, this is a fun, new territory I am learning about! She loves her class, and listens very well to her teacher.  She also is loving music class every Tuesday taught by her mommy :) She sings all the songs and behaves very well in mommy's class!  She has gotten used to Samuel being gone a few hours in the morning, and I think she is really liking the "big sister" time she is having all to herself! (with no big brother to take over!)  We have been practicing the letters in her name, and she has the letter "S" down completely.(only seven letters to go) ;-) 

I can NOT believe Katerbug is going to be a YEAR old next month!! It has gone by way too fast... Katelyn is busy crawling everywhere and getting into everything!! (As most 11 month old babies do!)  I have to make sure the bathroom door is closed, or she is sure to splash in the toilet (GROSS!), I have to watch the cupboards without locks, or she is sure to empty them out, also there is the computer on and off button she loves to try and get to... We are definitely entering the more challenging/busy stage!  She has also learned to scream (lovely) when she wants something... We are working hard EVERY day to teach her new words so she won't feel the need to scream or shout! (yikes).  Overall she really is a very happy, content little baby girl! :)

Well, that is the update on the kiddos! I have been SO behind on writing blogs or even reading other's blogs! Hopefully this fall I will be able to write in here more consistently! I'm sure as the weather gets cooler, I will want to use this as therapy! Hope to hear from you all SOON!


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Jen said...

Loved reading this!! Love you all!