Monday, January 25, 2010

~My Moms~

So I decided I needed to write a post in honor of my wonderful Moms!  God has blessed me with an incredible mom AND an incredible mother-in-law!  One of my most favorite things to do is browse really cool blogs.  I have come across some awesome ones that inspire me to get creative, become a better mom, a better writer, a better home-maker, etc... As I was looking through some of my new favorite blog spots it occured to me that I NEEDED to write a blog about MY CrEaTiVe Moms!  Over the last few years I have been blessed with some INCREDIBLE home-made gifts from these two ladies.  I thought it would be fun to share with you all! :)  I have LOVED every single thing they have made... but here are the ones I have pictures of!

QUILTS~ My mom started making a quilt for each new grandbaby of hers that is born... We (the mom's) get to pick out the fabric, and she makes BEAUTIFUL quilts!... Here are OUR three!

~Samuel's Quilt~

                                           ~Serenity's Quilt~

~Katelyn's Quilt~

Here is the Quilt made for Serenity's 1st Birthday... It is a picture quilt.  It hangs in the kid's playroom!

Scrapbooks~ My mother-in-law Doris has made beautiful scrapbooks for us.  I know how much time and energy is put into these, and we will cherish them forever!

Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls~ My mom made her first set when she was a new mom... Then she carried on the tradition with all of her kids.  You would not even believe how much time and effort and detail she has put into these. (mom, this brings tears to my eyes to even write... because I know it is SO hard on your hands to make them... but please know that they will be cherished and passed down for generations to come!... what a symbol of LOVE they are to all of us! And, as you always say, "A nursery is NEVER complete without a set of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls!"... And, it's True!)... :)

Cozy, Fun blankets made by Doris~ (the kids love to snuggle with these, play with them, and take them in the car on cold Minnesota days!)

Dresses. PJ's. Dress-up Clothes~ Both My mom and Jordan's mom have made BEAUTIFUL things for the kids to wear.  Here are a few of them!...

(The dresses were hand-made by Doris)

More beautiful dresses!

These were costumes made by Doris~ Amazing! (Peter Pan and Tinker Bell)...

More Costumes from Doris! (My kids LOVE to dress up DAILY!)

This "Princess Dress" as Renny Calls it was made by my mom~ The perfect "Twirling" dress for a little girl!

These are Hand-made "aprons" made by my mom... They have come in SO handy!! We use them EVERY day- whether we are painting, doing dishes, eating chocolate chip cookies... It keeps our outfits clean and less laundry for mama!! :)

Special Books~ Both mom's have made special books for the kids... I LOVE looking at these year after year!

Well, That is just a TASTE of how CrEaTiVe and TaLeNtEd my Mom's are! I love you moms!! Thank-you for all of the Time you have spent making special gifts like these... You mean the world to me!!! :)


Jen said...

This is a BEAUTIFUL tribute.
We are so, so blessed!!!

Grammie said...

What a beautiful gift you have given to me...writing and sharing this! Thank you, daughter! I love you...

Kristin said...

Totally agree on the dolls! I can't wait til mine are here with me!