Wednesday, November 25, 2009

5 weeks old!

This past Sunday Katelyn turned 1 month old!! I can't believe how F.A.S.T it has gone!! She has started smiling directly at us a few times~ I LOVE it!! Even though I wish she could stay tiny a lot longer... it is so fun to have her alert, looking around, starting to recognize faces (Samuel and Serenity love when she looks right at them!)

I can't believe Thanksgiving is over and it is on to the Christmas Season! (We had a wonderful day celebrating with my parents...)

Playing Games!

Making Crafts!

Singing Songs!

Being Silly!

Enjoying our Family...

As I look outside, I have decided I either need SUNSHINE or SNOW... The In-Between-Stuff is not fun- I am SO HAPPY the sun is out today!! However, I'm getting ready for beautiful white! (It makes Christmas seem more like Christmas!) I have already started to enjoy all the fun things about Christmas... Decorating Christmas cookies, putting up the tree, wrapping presents... It will be so fun this year with Samuel and Serenity at the age they are and of course having a brand new baby! What a year to celebrate!

(Notice Katelyn is helping me bake) ;)

Well, as most people will be out fighting the crowds today for Black Friday (including Jordan- who had to be at work by 5am!), We will be snuggled in our home~ wrapping presents, watching Christmas movies, and maybe doing a little baking! Hope everyone had a BLESSED Thankgiving, and you all were able to focus on the important things in life, and the blessings God has given you... Have a wonderful weekend!!


Corey said...

Beth, You don't even LOOK like you just had a baby!! I'm sure you have heard that many times :) Katelyn looks like Samuel as a little cute girl, LOL! I'm sure you have heard that too :) Have a great week too!!

Jenelle said...

Love the new pictures!! So Glad you had an awesome thanksgiving!! Baking was great fun!! Couldn't have finished with out katelyns help!!