Thursday, May 14, 2009


So I'm having a hard "moment" right now. Jordan has most Thursday's off, and these are the days I wait for all week long... not only to have him home with us, but for the help and little bit of a "break" I get (I'm sure most mom's understand what I am talking about!)... HOWEVER... he is now a part of a church softball league~ which I am VERY happy he has this opportunity... but every game from here until the END of summer are on Thursdays. *Sigh*. Most Thursday's he has two games- ranging from ALL different times. Tonight he will be gone from 6:30pm until around 11:00pm. (This not even mentioning practice nights)... Some days (and nights) I just get so exhausted and the last thing I have energy to do is give a two and four year old baths, pj's, stories, etc... Then STILL have the energy (while being almost 17 weeks pregnant) to pick up the house and clean up the toys and dishes that I wait to do until I have a free moment. Moments like these I want to collapse on the couch and cry... for no reason... and for hundred's of reasons. I know this is probably a typical "overly-tired pregnant woman with two kids" speaking... but It's just one of those hard "moments"... I'm sure after the kids are fast asleep and the dishes are done and my feet are up I will feel differently... but for now, it's just plain hard.


jerarbw said...

Leave the mess and the dishes. They'll be there in the morning! Put up your feet and give yourself (and baby) a rest! You've worked hard all day and you deserve it!
:) Amanda

The Charlebois said...

It's only for a season! hang in there, super mom!

Linda Lindeen said...

You are such a good Mommie and I love you and am so proud of you! Sometimes you just have to put your feet up and rest and put on a great CD and read a wonderful book...or scripture...or take those baths you love! Being a stay-at-home Mama is hard work but worth every single hard day! XOXO